#0012019 – WakingUpTheTentacles (Matt Witchalls)

Matt Witchalls#0012019 – WakingUpTheTentacles
from Matt Witchalls on 11 Jan 2019

The first of the #2019series videos šŸ™‚

I wanted to start of nice and simple with just some raw clips at Great Dunmow to get me back into the swing of things and to get the legs, love and mindset back šŸ™‚

Learned 1 new trick which was the Full Cab OR Half Cab Stub unsure on which one it is cause it can be either depending on how you look at it.

and I also laced something I have always wanted to do at this park and that was True Spin Soul up the down ledge with a Full cab out… Was hard then I thought but managed it with a bit of a sketch landing for my liking

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