2010 Colorado Road Trip

mykel fatali2010 Colorado Road Trip
from mykel fatali on 15 Nov 2010

Every august for 3 to 4 days depending on how hard you are, a massive group of bladers ascends and takes over the many amazing parks scattered throughout the rocky mountains. now dont get the wrong idea: the road trip has nothing to do with skating, its mostly bout blacking out with all your buddies before the summer ends. Im pretty sure i put on my skates once during the entire 4 days. the mass of bladers keeps growing and growing, so this summer clear your dates and join us on the Colorado Road Trip 2011. – ian walker

Filmed by-
Mykel Fatali, Luke Bender, Greg Freeman, Ian Walker and Kevin Carey

Edited by-
Mykel Fatali

Pulsating Heartbeats- Talkin about you
Satan’s Breed- Laugh myself the the grave
Rodriguez- Inner city blues

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