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quick clips (John Gantz)

John Gantzquick clips
from John Gantz on 31 Jul 2011

line and 2 540s

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Stoke Plaza Time Lapse (UrbanLinesNet)

UrbanLinesNetStoke Plaza Time Lapse
from UrbanLinesNet on 31 Jul 2011

Just another test of the Go Pro HD Hero features. This time it’s the Time Lapse function.

Shot overlooking the Plaza as the sun went down at 2 second intervals. The finished result was a little short (1 minute = 1 second) so I slowed it by 50%. Would have been smoother to shoot at 1 second intervals and render at 30 FPS, but that’s a lesson learned.

One thing to note is that the time lapse shoots at full photo resolution (5MP) rather than at a video resolution (1080p or 720p) so each image is around 2Mb. I would like to see an option to shoot at the lower video resolutions to save card space on longer time lapses, but I expect that I’ll have to just buy more memory.

It does however handle low light a LOT better than video due to using longer exposures. Low light on videos is a weakness of the camera, but not something that most people should be too concerned with.

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540 head smash (chilly22)

chilly22540 head smash
from chilly22 on 30 Jul 2011

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Behind the Scenes: The Valo JJ.Light (thevalo brand)

thevalo brandBehind the Scenes: The Valo JJ.Light
from thevalo brand on 30 Jul 2011

Behind the Scenes with Jon Julio

This edit features an in depth view on how the Valo JJ Lights were developed..

Plus skating by JJ, AB, and EB.

Introducing the Valo JJ Light by Jon Julio

all new carbon fiber shell
1/2 Kilo Lighter
5 mm wider and longer
open toe shell
all new 2 piece soul system
all new upgraded valo light liner


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BOA celebration (achosenfewtv)

achosenfewtvBOA celebration
from achosenfewtv on 29 Jul 2011

Any time one of our team riders finishes a section we take them out for a great night. Luckily for Winston and Tyler it was the Owner’s birthday so they really got hooked up!!

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