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southernscum-Andrew Broom (Austin Bartels)

Austin Bartelssouthernscum-Andrew Broom
from Austin Bartels on 31 Oct 2013

This is a little something made by myself and my good friend Andrew Broom. I recently moved to Austin, TX and we put this together within the past 2 months that I have been living here. Thanks to southernscum for letting me help promote them and what they do. enjoy everybody…

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Niko Salaman – Remz Haffey 2.2 – Best of 2012-13 (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanNiko Salaman – Remz Haffey 2.2 – Best of 2012-13
from Niko Salaman on 31 Oct 2013

READ ME!!!! -Best clips of me whilst skating the REMZ Haffey 2.2.’s in 2012-13 mostly used clips but there are a few good new clips though šŸ™‚
apologies for lack of quality but my editing software went a bit weird whilst exporting-if anyone knows a way for me to restore the file to its former quality or improve it, please use the comment thing down there or message me. -thankyou.
music; the glitch mob-fortune days
i don’t claim ownership of musical content, no infringement intended.

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