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i put a spell on you (southernscum)

southernscumi put a spell on you
from southernscum on 31 Oct 2015

Happy Halloween. Dont forget to brush those pearly whites after you devour that sugar.

Here’s a little treat, from us to you.

Remember, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Skating by:
Zach Leavell
Josh Broughton
Yuto Goto
Brandon Anderson
Phillip Gripper
Adam Bazydlo
Scott Hatton
Andrew Broom
Chad Anthony
Brad Anthony

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BN Shredding Δ Caterpillar (Senseless-Skate)

Senseless-SkateBN Shredding Δ Caterpillar
from Senseless-Skate on 31 Oct 2015

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BOXBOX (Bagliq Clique)

Bagliq CliqueBOXBOX
from Bagliq Clique on 31 Oct 2015

We skate the box again, enjoy

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Julian Garcia – 1995 (90’s)

Julian Garcia – 1995
from 90’s on 31 Oct 2015

Definitely one of the most interesting individuals I’ve come to meet, aside from the fact that Leon raises a coop of roosters in his backyard. It’s always refreshing to watch him skate. Maintaining a relaxed and mellow style that parallels to his personality. Can’t be thankful enough for his help out with this ongoing project. Profile filmed in Atlanta, GA


-Chris Smith
-Brandon Andersen
-Santiago Garcia
-David Sizemore

– Julian Garcia

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Brasil Inline – Patins em cena #2 (Brasil Inline)

Brasil InlineBrasil Inline – Patins em cena #2
from Brasil Inline on 31 Oct 2015

Patins em Cena passou por cancun segue os links de tudo que falamos Role com Roman abrate Video que …

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