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Capital Rollas Jam (

Capital Rollas Jam
from on 16 Sep 2021

The Capital Rollas Jam aka The London Jam recently took place once again on the streets of London and Mark Warner was there to capture some of the action. A legion of bladers took to the edge of the River Thames and took over a small area, with a painted ledge, coping boxes, rails and banks serving as obstacles of choice. Congratulations to Sam Crofts for taking the win, Scotland’s James Keyte for securing second and Leon Humphries for third. Check out our podcasts with Sam Crofts and Leon Humphries HERE.

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Day2079 Sep16 2021 (Kazu)

KazuDay2079 Sep16 2021
from Kazu on 16 Sep 2021

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[NMII] (Dom West)

Dom West[NMII]
from Dom West on 15 Sep 2021

Night Moves Part II.
Shot in Sydney, Australia.


Rian Arnold
Josh Nielsen
Alan Dick
Scott Crawford
Josh Butler
Craig Brocklehurst
Toby Yau
CJ Wellsmore
Dom West
Gav Drumm
Tien Nguyen



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MANA – A Hawaii Story (

MANA – A Hawaii Story
from on 14 Sep 2021

We all know that Butter TV make the best contest edits and mini documentaries, and now they are taking aim at the travel documentary as well. JP Primiano packed up some gear, grabbed Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill and headed off to Hawaii to meet up with old friend Franco Cammayo and some locals, and it looks like they had a good old time. Well, Austin maybe didn’t have as much fun as everyone else because he broke a couple of ribs and wrecked himself on a kink rail, but the guy was still smiling so we are assuming he was also enjoying his visit. Billy O’Neill once again forgot that he is no longer pro and put himself in harm’s way on more than one occasion – this guy just doesn’t have an off switch, does he? Watch more Butter TV videos HERE. Watch our podcast with Billy O’Neill HERE.    

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MANA – A Hawaii Story (butterTV)

butterTVMANA – A Hawaii Story
from butterTV on 14 Sep 2021

“There’s no place like it on Earth…” —Billy O’Neill

O’ahu, Hawaii — April 2021. What an amazing trip. We teamed up with the boys from Jump Street Podcast, Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill, and paid a visit to our brother Franco Cammayo who moved out to the island of O’ahu to serve for the U.S. Army. There, we linked up with the local scene and made some incredible memories from skating ditches and schools to the days where we hung out, had some beers, and took in all the scenery. Hawaii is exactly what you think it is…beautiful. The people treat eachother, as well as treated us, like one big family and you really do get that welcoming feeling from the very start. I personally look forward to going back as often as possible and I hope to see more articles, like the be-mag piece, and more content coming from the islands as the scene continues to thrive with its amazing skaters and personalities. One love. Cheeee!




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