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I Skated Every Day for a Month // Inline Skating (Keep Rolling)

Keep RollingI Skated Every Day for a Month // Inline Skating
from Keep Rolling on 31 May 2021

In February this year I challenged myself to skate everyday, outside come rain, snow or shine. These are the highlights! Skating every day was challenging in terms of time commitment so i chose to film on my phone. Instagram: Sound: GearMain Camera: Camera : Mic: Mic: AccessoriesLight Weight Tripod: Stick: ND filter: Adaptor Rings: Cage: Bag: GearHelmet: Pads: Guards: Pads: Marketing InfoAll links starting ‘amzn’ will redirect you to Amazon UK, as an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission if you make a qualifying purchase, at no extra cost to you.Skate ShopsUKLocoskates.comAlchemystskate.comEUHedonskate.comStart with Why…Welcome to Keep Rolling, I’m Chris Chadwick and on this channel I’m making videos about aggressive and big wheel inline skating. I’m making product reviews, skate vlogs and discussion of all things blading, so if that sounds like something that interests you be sure to hit subscribe. I’ve been skating for 20 years and started this channel with 3 main aims:1. To keep people enthused and active in skating2. To be a positive and approachable ambassador for our sport3. Make a positive contribution to the digital footprint of inline skating.I love to skate and want to see the industry continue to thrive and grow. I hope my channel can inspire people to pick up skates or feel enthused to get out more often. If you want to learn more about Keep Rolling check out the channel overview video here: Skating is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. I fully recommend the use of full protective gear to reduce the risk of injury. Skate at your own risk. You are responsible for your actions while skating or attempting to implement the guidance in one of my tutorials. Sometimes i choose to skate without protective gear at my own risk.Thanks for watching!

4YEARS TEASER / Asphalt_Blading_Club_Switzerland (Stéphane Ryter)

Stéphane Ryter4YEARS TEASER / Asphalt_Blading_Club_Switzerland
from Stéphane Ryter on 31 May 2021

4YEARS: We are proud to announce new video dedicated to street skating. During the last four years a lot of things happened in our life, we faced many changes and life situations. We made a decent amount of projects related to agressive rollerblading and beside of that we kept gathering clips. It’s now time to share with you all those clips and what we have been up to during those last 4YEARS.

OUT ON JUNE 12th 2021


Geoffroy Dubreuil
Reto Bürgin
Pierrick Dind
Nicolas Schopfer
Kenneth Rioja
Fred Guignard
Stéphane Ryter

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