Tom Moyse2022 Rollerblading Awards
from Tom Moyse on 8 Jan 2023

Rollerblading awards.2022 felt like a great year for Rollerblading. Some fantastic competition were held including the Blading Cup and FMI. There was incredible skating edits throughout the year. There was collaborations with external brand like Brain Dead, Clarks and WKND Skateboards. Some of the wildest tricks went down. There was innovation, progression rollerblading found itself in Thrasher.It’s only right we reward those who hit the top of their field.Main image in thumbnail image from: NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: will be celebrating the rollerblader of the year, the best inline skating section, the best wizard skater, trick of the year but also less traditional awards like best skate face, stained tupperwear award, mostly likely to win a royal rumble, best fit, best mullet and loads more. 00:00 Alright00:54 Female Skater of the Year 202201:43 Best Billy Elliot Impression01:50 Ronseal Woodstain Still got it Award03:14 Best Looking Rollerblades 202204:46 Ugliest Rollerblades 06:37 Air Miles award for skater who travel the most 07:04 Most Positive Influence in Rollerblading The Roller skate twins07:30 Best Fit and Most belts worn08:44 Trick of the year 202210:51 Skater Mostly Likely to win a Royal Rumble12.09 Mullet of the year13:39 Biggest Villain in rollerblading15:48 Biggest lie in Rollerblading – lies lies from seagul eyes17:33 AM rollerblader of the year 2022 18:44 Total Recall Best Skate Face Award and Stained Tupperwear Award19:53 Best Wizard Skater 202220:55 Best Treatment award *not medical advice22:39 Biggest rollerblading violation of 202224:26 Rollerblading section of the year26:06 Tricks per minute26:17 Best snack while skating27:21 Skater most likely to borrow money and not pay it back28:37 Best rollerblading collaboration29:57 Biggest Copy Cat in blading30:48 Fakie Steeze 32:32 Rollerblader of the year34:37 PatreonsThe edit features:CrazyPills – The movie OF RAIN 4 and Friends – DEADXROADHOUSE : USD: SAULE 5th Element – Nils Jansons: the likes of Bacemint’s Sean Kelso and Colin Kelso. Mesmer team riders Dom Bruce and Martin Danning. All the best female skaters Chynna Wierstsall, Seao Jang, Ichi, Mery Munoz, Nicoly Machado and more. Them skates team riders also feature including Alex Broskow, Marius Gaile, Scott Quinn, David Sizemore who has done incredible work with Spoke this year. Who do you think would be a good wrestler John Bolino, maybe Derek Henderson and you can’t count out Carlos Pianowski.The majority of Rollerblading’s demographic is old, but that doesn’t mean they are not putting out amazing content. Looks at the likes of Sven Boekhorst, Randy Spizer or Jon Julio plus Walt Austin is still as creative as ever.Austin Paz and Billy O’Neill are not just podcast presenters they have been putting out amazing skate sections and hair styles.Other nominated rollerbladers include Bobi Spassov, Eguen Enin and Joshia Blee.There is also a Wizard skating award with nominees such as Junkyu Park, Mike Torres, Leon Bassin and more. Codified in Section 107 of the Copyright Act, fair use allows persons other than the copyright owner to make certain limited uses of copyrighted material without the copyright owner’s permission (17 U.S.C. 107). Fair use is an affirmative defense to copyright infringement.