4 vs 3 Wheeled Inline *Which Is Superior? (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductions4 vs 3 Wheeled Inline *Which Is Superior?
from PintoPonyProductions on 2 May 2018

Inline Skater Bill Stoppard compares 3 wheel inline skates to traditional 4 wheeled blades in a series of street and rink skate-skill tests. City Skating and Inline T shirts available at https://teespring.com/stores/pinto-pony-city-skaters

Inline skating stairs, sprints, drops, rough roads, ledges and alleys will determine whether the big wheeled Tri-skate or the small 4 wheeled skates are King Of The City.

Inline Skates Used

Adapt HyperSkate GTO https://www.adaptbrand.com
Flying Eagle Falcon http://www.flyingeagleskates.com
Flying Eagle Drift http://www.flyingeagleskates.com
Powerslide Kronos Reign https://www.powerslide.com
All skates also available at http://www.proskatersplace.com


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