4YEARS / Asphalt_Blading_Club_Switzerland (Stéphane Ryter)

Stéphane Ryter4YEARS / Asphalt_Blading_Club_Switzerland
from Stéphane Ryter on 30 Nov 2021

4YEARS: We are proud to present you our new video dedicated to street skating. During the last four years a lot of things happened in our life, we faced many changes and life situations. We made a decent amount of projects related to agressive rollerblading and beside of that we kept gathering clips. It’s now time to share with you all those clips and what we have been up to during those last 4YEARS.


Geoffroy Dubreuil
Reto Bürgin
Pierrick Dind
Nicolas Schopfer
Kenneth Rioja
Fred Guignard
Stéphane Ryter

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