from MIKE BUCKALEW on 20 Dec 2018

8 DOWN originally started as just a homie video from the south with no name or direction about 2 years ago. We were already steady stacking footage of Philip Moore and Matty Schrock in Birmingham Alabama but exactly weren’t sure what would happen with it. Luckily Ray Kronenberg and Taylor Popham just so happened to be doing the same thing in Chattanooga Tennessee… after Ray’s computer biting the dust and losing some motivation we decided to collaborate all of our footage together to make one solid southern piece. Coming up with a name was tough until we came up with 8 DOWN one night in LA since everyone in the video skates flat rocker and is a homage to an old Radius Media article. After about 2 years of filming, and traveling from the southeast out to California the video has finally come to fruition and is complete. The south proudly presents 8 DOWN.

Ray Kronenberg
Matty Schrock
Philip Moore
Taylor Popham

and many more..

Main Camera:
Mike Buckalew
Ray Kronenberg
Taylor Popham

Artwork by:
Parker Richardson

35 minutes

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