SkatefreshAsha80s Freestyle Skate Dance at Rollerworld
from SkatefreshAsha on 30 Dec 2021

One of the Highlights of 2021 was coming out of Lockdown #3 and going to an 80s themed disco at @Rollerworlduk. My inner teenager came out to play and I couldn’t stop skating. This is truly my happy place; skates, great floor, fun music, friends….what’s not to love.In June when I posted original footage from the night I was surprised and delighted to be reposted by @Duranduran (as I was skating to their epic “Rio” tune). Again another confirmation that skating is hitting the mainstream and is here to stay!Are you reflecting on the year that was 2021? I hope you can celebrate the wins and learn from the challenges.What skating goals are you dreaming about for 2022? Let me know in the comments below as it will help me plan what content to create this coming year to best serve you.Video @skaterstu_brightonskateSkates @chaya_skates