Scamp and ShredA POLSON PARTY| Scoot & Boot
from Scamp and Shred on 17 Aug 2020

After an amazing time at Vinces Aunts farm it was time to get back on the road towards Polson Skatepark!This skatepark had one of the craziest bowls we had seen yet, with tunnels and a giant Darth Vader helmet! It was a bit stormy on our first day but it ended up turning into a beautiful sunset!We had an awesome time riding this park with all the locals despite being tired and sore already! We were stoked to see such motivation and progression from the kids in the two days we were at this park! It was very inspiring!Thanks to everyone we crossed paths with here for the good times, you keep us rolling! We hope to be back to shred will all of you in the near future! Love- Milo, Poi-Poi, Scoot & Boot Follow us on Instagram@adventuresofscootandboot