A year in review: 2019 (TheBizOne)

TheBizOneA year in review: 2019
from TheBizOne on 31 Dec 2019

I wasn’t gonna do it, and then I did it. Here’s a bunch of random garbage that happened int 2019. This year has been incredible! From the birth of This Week in Blade, deleting ex’s, strengthening important relationships, blading, skits, and just hanging out with my friends again. We as humans are quick to focus on the negative and tend to forget the amazing things that happen. These edits really help us see the light. I see so many people posting “2019 was terrible” “So glad to be out of this decade” and I think that if they had skating, and had a reason to comb through everything they did/accomplished this year, they would see just how special they are.

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