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The Chosen Few Street Comp Series was crazy this year. We organized 9 competitions with local organizers throughout the world and added another 3 events to the series. This all built up to the Chosen Few Finals. The ACF finals are now known as one of the most difficult competitions around and they are only going to get harder in the coming up years. Because of the difficulty at our competitions you can always expect to see the craziest and most intense skating around.
Creating an amazing event for all to enjoy is what we love to do.

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Organized by Quinn Feldman
Main Camera Max Manning
Edited by Max Manning


Round 1
Anyone who didn’t place top 3 at an earlier event must skate this round. No Exceptions. Elimination round.

Round 2
All skaters are judged on a 1-5 point scale for each trick they do. Highest scores move on to the finals. Basic tricks do not earn points.

Final round spot 1
Non elimination round. All skaters are judged on a 1-5 point scale on every trick they do. The points skaters earn here are carried over to the final spot. Basic tricks do not earn points.

Final round final spot
The point system is doubled. All skaters are judged on a 2-10 point scale. All skaters must do lines. Skaters can not just skate a single obstacle, they must at least link two tricks together to earn points. If your jumping the 19 stair set a straight gap over the first set is acceptable to be counted as a line.

Skaters are judged on Difficulty, Creativity and Style in that order.

The combined scores of both the final round spots determine the top 10.

ACF Finals Top 10 and points earned
Iain Mcleod: 140 $500
Tyler Hester: 116 $120
Russell Day: 82 $45
Anthony Luna: 76.5
Andrew Dipaolo: 54.5
David Jones: 47
Daniel Rosado 33.5
Winston Wardwell 25.5
Chad Tannehill 21
Mike Sanchez/Chris Calkins 11.5

CHOSEN FEW Series Top 12
1st: Tyler Hester 730 points
2nd Russell Day 470 Points
3rd Anthony Luna 460 Points
4th Iain Mcleod 375 Points
5th Cyril Daniel 250 Points
6th Winston Wardwell 210 Points
7th Daniel Henderson 200 Points
8th Lucas Lanthaler 180 points
8th Arsenio Patterson 180 Points
9th Mark Wojda 160 Points
9th Shane Thompson 160 Points
9th Eugen Enin 160 Points
10th David Jones 150 Points
11th Adrian Deck 130 Points
12th Beat Schillmeier 125 Points

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