Action Figures: Jordan Baez – Ghetto Community (butterTV)

butterTVAction Figures: Jordan Baez – Ghetto Community
from butterTV on 10 Dec 2018

Episode 02 – I spent a few days with Jordan this past summer and followed him around as he skated, picked up soft goods for Ghetto Community, ripped through Manhattan on his motorcycle, and showed his son how to be a better skater.

Jordan is RAW. People often say that gritty New York City culture died when all of the transplants from different states showed up but Jordan proves that it’s still alive and well here and that you soft. He also helped put together the blading scene on Lower East Side by encouraging long time friends and neighbors to strap up some skates as well as holding an annual street event called the 12th & D comp located in the Jacob Riis housing projects. This behind the scenes glimpse is just a little taste of what Jordan has been cooking up lately as he continues to support the scene and bridge the gap between rollerblading and everything outside of it.


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