JADRollerVlogAdapt Brutale First Impressions JAD Rollerblading
from JADRollerVlog on 12 Nov 2021

Adapt Brutale First Impressions JADRollerVlog RollerbladingBig shout out to:@matthew_jastrzemski on IG YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/matthewdoesstuffhe has been helping me SOOOOOO much with all my Adapt questions and many more. He has a ton of knowledge when it comes to this sport. I can pick his brain alllllll day!!!!! @rolloverthehill on IG YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/RollOverTheHillSame to you my friend! At first I was very upset with the Adapt Brutale, venting my frustration to mainly Chris but also Matthew. But they kindly helped me realize that…well… I was going about it all wrong. I also learned a TON from the Adapt master class vids and from Peter with Adapt. Now I am very very very happy to say that these Brutale Blades are the most:comfortableresponsiveFastest sliding aggressive blades I have ever skated.Top fav blade along with the THEM 909. And I wont put just any old skate in that category. I will make a video soon going more in depth about my experience. Thank you everyone for your help!