Adapt Origins 2014 (AdaptBrand)

AdaptBrandAdapt Origins 2014
from AdaptBrand on 30 Dec 2016

Adapt Origins brings us back to the start of Adapt.
Filmed on RED
In this video you will see many ‘firsts’:
The first model we made, which was also our first pro boot: The Harmanus One;
The first Vegan model;
Our first team rider: Rik van Huik;
Our first film project
Even though it took a long time before we could release this footage, it means more to us now than just footage. It represents our roots, our origin.
Director: Pieter Wijnant
Producer: Olga Bouwhuis
Skaters (in order of appearance):
Teamrider Rik van Huik (Vegan I)
Teamrider Ben Harmanus (Harmanus ONE)
Teamrider Eric van Boven (Harmanus ONE)
Supporter Kevin James Chow (Custom ONE)
Camera Operator: Jan Kees Dibbets
First AC: Richelle Koreneef
Editing: Olga Bouwhuis, Pieter Wijnant
Camera Rental: Camuse

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