Adapt BrandAdapt WZRD – dedicated design for Wizard skating
from Adapt Brand on 13 Jun 2024

The Superveloce UFS platform is a match made in heaven for Wizard skating. The lightest wizard boot on the market, made with the passion and dedication your skating deserves. The full carbon monocoque shell completed with the close-fit skeleton lining system creates a skate that is lightweight and extremely responsive. The re-designed 2024 WZRD plate complements the design of the boot and makes sure the WZRD skate is a mechanically complete package. Any Wizard-type frame fits on the Superveloce WZRD boot. If you are looking to get the most out of your Wizard skating, the WZRD Superveloce RAW is the one to have. Noah KrohnShot & cut: Koen de Bree