BLADING on The BrainAir Quality Bay Area unhealthy? Go Skate – Renting an Indoor Skatepark
from BLADING on The Brain on 21 Sep 2020

When the California Fires spread smoke and the air quality in the Bay Area (AQI) became unhealthy we were forced to stay indoors. What do you do? Go Skate! With no way to get out and exercise the JSF homies and I decided to rent RobsSkate indoor skate park for an hour and escape the Bay Area Air QualityWatch as we take over the park and have a great time cruising around and being creative while getting that cardio in. Get yourself some Blading on the Brain Gear here: subscribe, like, and comment below. I really enjoy the comments and would appreciate hearing your voice. 0:00 – Intro01:36 – Session begins04:01 – Cess Slide challenge04:41 – Skatepark Creativity 05:55 – Outro07:55 – Teespring Gear CloseoutMy Current Skate Setup:Adapt Russel Day Stealth – Shredpool 2 Wheels – Aluminum Frame – is filmed entirely with my GoPro Hero 8. Thank you to Chris Bjerre for the intro animation. you can check his work at you to Uranus for the use of the track money trainYou can find more of his work here Forest Fires, California Fire, smoke, AQI, brain injury brain injury documentary TBI stories, TBI recovery stories,