Alex Burston | BURST BLOG #5 (Alex Burston)

Alex BurstonAlex Burston | BURST BLOG #5
from Alex Burston on 29 Mar 2017

Still in Scotland.
I had the privilege to be able to skate Unit 23 skate park in Dumbarton every day for 2 weeks straight.
Sam Garland and Connor Pearce came up to skate the park for a couple days.

Learning new tricks on the resi ramp. Which I didn’t finish. Practice makes perfect tho. I’ll get it soon.

Playing around in the foam pit and trampoline.

Thursday blade night at Unit with Brian Keane, Ryan Delussey, James Wilson and the one and only Chaz Snads!

Getting to skate with Young killer Rueben Collins often was very fun. Go check this stuff out on youtube Rueben Collins.

Doing blade lessons with the lil rippers and playing on the resi ramp.

Big thank you to Chick and Dot and the rest of the Unit family for everything.

See you guys again soon!

Thank you!

I will not be making any more video blogs for a while as I do not have the proper equipment in the right place. As soon as I get my own place and get all the proper equipment I will get back on it.

Till then, Keep watch on my instagram @BURST.1 for updates and jokes things.

Order through Chaos.


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