ALex Burston / Malaga City Check (GroundControlVids)

GroundControlVidsALex Burston / Malaga City Check
from GroundControlVids on 4 Jun 2018

City Check #2 MALAGA

Alex Burston is taking to the road to discover some new places and to meet up with locals to session and have a good laugh. Good thing Alex got a new camera so he could share some of his experiences with you all. Enjoy some of the worlds best places to skate, cruise and chill and meeting some amazing people along the way.

In the second instalment Alex take us on a short but sweet trip around Malaga, Spain for a nice cruise down the beach and a night cruise through some of the city.

Malaga is the perfect place to catch a good freeskate cruise. With a smooth bicycle path that leads all the way down one side of the beach with cafe’s, bars and all you need for a lovely day out on the big wheels.

Although there was no aggressive skating in this edit we hope you can get the feeling of how fun it is to JUST CRUISE around with friends enjoying wherever it is you may be.

THANK YOU to Rafael, Mille, Justo, Ema and Juao for the good times always.

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