Andrey Zaytsev : The Only One (только один)

Josh  GlowickiAndrey Zaytsev : The Only One (только один)
from Josh Glowicki on 16 Jun 2013

I was invited to Moscow for a street contest last summer. While i was there i was blessed to meet the man, the myth, the legend Andrey Zaytsev! Skating with Z was so sick. He was always super motivated and always energized for skating! His trick selection and style is untouchable. He skates big stuff, he skates very fast, and he is always in control. Such a G! My opinion he is easily one of the most talented people to every put on a pair or rollerblades. Thank you Andrey, even in your passing you continue to inspire the world!!! Miss you my friend, still can’t believe your gone, were doing this for you now!!!


filmed by Rodion Korneev and Josh Glowicki
camera – 5d mark II and Canon T2i with lots of lens.

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