ATHENS TO ATLANTA ROAD SKATE 2015 (AuthenticRollerblade)

AuthenticRollerbladeATHENS TO ATLANTA ROAD SKATE 2015
from AuthenticRollerblade on 12 Nov 2015

This edit features Team Rollerblade® skaters Kacie Cleveland and Jorge Botero doing their first 87.9 mile Athens to Atlanta skate. Kacie skated this race on Tempest 100 and Jorge skated in the Macroblade 100.

With 34 years of tradition, Athens to Atlanta (A2A) is the oldest and most famous road skate in America. Starting in Athens, Georgia, participants skate through beautiful country roads and quiet suburbia before navigating city streets and triumphantly crossing the finish line in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward Skate Park. The course is challenging and requires experienced road skating ability,courage and stamina. Skaters who may not be ready for the whole 87.9 miles may opt for the 38-mileevent, which also starts in Athens, or the 49-mile event, which starts near Dacula, GA. Inline and quad skaters are welcome and anyone from 8 to 80 years old may enter.

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