Michael PedersenAVENTURA
from Michael Pedersen on 19 Nov 2014

AVENTURA – A film about traveling and street rollerblading around the world – Made by Michael Pedersen

Once upon a time, about 3 years ago, I decided to travel around the world, and in my backpack I had my clothing, a pair of rollerblades, one DSLR camera and one hard drive to stack up the footage i filmed of my new friends skating street. The adventure began in Australia in 2011, then around Europe in 2011, 2012 and 2013, both North and South America in 2013 and last but not least, Africa in 2014. I made this film to show you my travels and some of the rollerbladers I have met on the way around the world and me practicing filming with HD videocamera and DSRL camera. This is my first full-length rollerblading movie filmed in High Definition.

I want to say thanks a thousand time to everybody who have been helping me on the road. Thanks to all my amazing friends who let me couchsurfing at their places and to everybody who helped driving me different places to go blading. Without my friends, this film would never have happened. Thanks everybody for your hospitality! And to all the bladers who busted them self infront of the camera to get all these sick tricks! Thank you!

I hope you will enjoy watching it. -Michael Pedersen

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