B4 Winterclash Contest 2020 (Kevin ciman videographer)

Kevin ciman videographerB4 Winterclash Contest 2020
from Kevin ciman videographer on 23 Feb 2020

Crazy tricks All the day … thanks All the Bladers was here !!!
Special Thanks to tony laponce and the Construction Team for the Hard Work all the Last Mounth
Thanks All the Sponsors for the great support: KALTIK, RAZORS,GROUND CONTROL, GRINDHOUSE , POWSEY and JoJo for the Pass .

Junior :
1st Jeremy Claus

Girl :
1st Aniek Kerkhofs ( Belgium )
2nd Madelief RAfaela ( Nederland)
3rd Assia Zaharieva ( Bulgaria )
4rd Kaila Paula Pereira ( Brazil)

1st Lucien Hugues ( France )
2nd Bryan Olthmans ( Belgium)
3rd Powel D’almeida( Belgium)

1st Frederic Bukowski ( France) ( 500euros cash )
2nd Antony Pottier (Belgique )
3 rd Lucien Hugues (France )
4 Remy Meister ( Belgium )
5 Ellias Bjorn ( Belgium )

Best Fall : Eric Droogh

Best Tricks : Antony Pottier vertical Soul on the top of the Wall .

Winterclash Ticket Winner :
-Lucien Hugues
-Antoine Erimian .

Punch Machine WARRIOR: Yanis Brahim 904,

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