Backpack freeskating London with Sam Crofts (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesBackpack freeskating London with Sam Crofts
from Powerslide Inline skates on 7 Jun 2019

Freeskate London with Sam Crofts & the Powerslide Fitness backpack (907044 ) on USD Aeon 80 skates.

Powerslide provides the best possible storage and security for your precious skates. It is important when choosing a backpack for your skates that it meets all the needs of a skater. Powerslide bags have been specifically designed for skates to hold them securely and also consider things such as ventilation. Made from tear resistant Nylon, the Fitness backpack is perfect for being on the go with your skates.

Music: Jasper Trim…
Filmed and Edited by: Jack Tierney

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