Ben Harmanus for Chimera and Adapt Brand (AdaptBrand)

AdaptBrandBen Harmanus for Chimera and Adapt Brand
from AdaptBrand on 22 Dec 2012

Filming, Edit & Words by Mathias von Gostomski
Whilst staying in Barcelona for January for my Winter escape (which worked out really well btw.) Ben Harmanus visited twice, once with his girlfriend and once on his own. During his first stay we didn’t really get to film anything, but when he visited for the second time, he got shit done.
He was really motivated and destroyed every spot we went to. He always came up with tricks nobody else would. And he is 33. And he got himself a new Pro Skate from Adapt Brand. Thank you Benni.
One day I was too hungover to attend the session but thankfully Marc Moreno covered for me and filmed some more sick clips, thanks Marc.
Astronautalis – “Holy Water” from the Album “This is our Science”

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