BenBest of Videogroove 2: Five Embedded Years – full skate video
from Ben on 19 Nov 2022

Produced by Dave Paine. Released in 2003.From the DVD cover:This is the second installment of the “Best of VG” collection. So much has happened as we evolved in the new millennium. Together we came of age, watching skaters grow, and meeting the new friends along the way. Here are the last five years, distilled down into the moments that mattered. The “Best of VG” edits will make you remember who really shaped skating for the last half decade. We’ve circled the globe more times than we can count and driven the states until the wheels fell off. You were there as the newest evolution of rolling was caught on film. We found you and this is it, the best you’ll find on film. Rewind the record selector and press play to find out where we come from and maybe, we’ll just figure out where we’re going.Respectfully submitted for the heads.David PaineVideogroove videomagazineOwner/Director/SkaterEst. 93 suckasCheck out Best of VG 1 here: