OlderBladersBetter Me 2023 Month 3 // Fitness Challenge // Rollerblading
from OlderBladers on 1 Mar 2023

I hope everyone had an awesome February… As February is finishing up and we are getting started on March I am curious how everyone is coming along? Please reach out to me… I am very interested in learning about your progress and what you have been doing the past two months. How are you with your goals?How do you feel now vs. how you felt at the beginning of the year?How is your motivation?Do you still want to improve your well being? I’ll share with you my answers to those questions. I am still upholding my original goals however this past month I was not able to complete my goals. I ended up getting sick in the second week of this month and could not go to the Gym for a few days. Once I felt better, I got back on track and have been able to maintain my Gym goal. No Alcohol or Soda has been successful and I am thinking about continuing it but don’t want to make it a “goal” for next month. The 20 minutes of stretching daily was a failure for the most part. I was able to maintain it for 1 week but once I got sick, I stopped and did not restart once I felt better. 20 minutes a day is no easy task. How I feel now vs. how I felt at the start of the year is amazing. I am not weighing myself as I don’t want to get caught up in the # ‘s but I can tell you that I have gone down 2 notches on my belt. I will weigh myself at the end of March to see where I am at. I have more focus and energy daily and I have started to really enjoy exercising… I never thought I would say that. I am still highly motivated… To be completely honest it is you all who are motivating me most. Seeing your posts, hearing your stories, and knowing that others are on this journey with me really keeps me going. Yes I want to continue this and I want more and more people to get started as well. As the weather is warming up I can’t wait to get this into full swing and I am glad that I have had a few months to start conditioning my body in preparation for the summer challenges. Here are my Goals for March Goal 1 – Gym 3 days a week – Cardio + Weight Training Goal 2 – Stretching 5 min everyday + 25 minutes on Non-Gym Days Goal 3 – Daily Push-ups (starting with 12 a day) What are your goals? I look forward to hearing from you.Pushups For Heart Healthhttps://www.kxan.com/news/simplehealth/men-who-can-do-40-push-ups-far-less-likely-to-develop-heart-disease/#:~:text=A%20recent%20study%20finds%20that,is%20linked%20to%20heart%20disease.