OlderBladersBetter Me 2023: Month II // Inline Skating // Fitness
from OlderBladers on 29 Jan 2023

1 down 11 to go… January is coming to a close and I hope that your year is off to a great start. How’s it going?How did you do on your goals?How do you feel?If you have succeeded… BRAVO!!!If you fell off… It’s OK! Jump back up on the horse. No one landed a hurricane top soul first try. Try again.If you didn’t even try… Remember, Getting started is the hardest part… I believe in you. What do you need to get started?So here is my update… I was able to stick to all my goals for the month and even put on a few more as the month went on. I have consistently gone to the gym or had a workout 3 days a week for the past 4 weeks strictly focusing on Cardio. I have not had any Alcohol or Soda since December 31st and have read a chapter of my book every night. On top of these I have been doing regular stretching, Yoga, and Meditation on my “off” daysGoing into February it is going to be more of the same but stepped up.Goal 1 – Gym 3 days a week… Continue Cardio routine, add in at least 3 weight training exercises per sessionGoal 2 – I am Continuing with the No Alcohol or Soda however i will have 2 planned cheat days (Feb 3rd & 14th)Goal 3 – 20 min of Stretching DAILY!!! this can be all at once or broken up over the course of the day but must total 20 minI will continue my daily reading as this is a YEAR goal.Take a bit of time to set your goals for yourself and please share them with me.Remember that we are working on building better habits so that come spring we can really get this thing rollingGreat job everyone and Good luck on your continued success.Welcome @nnskates to the Challengehttps://nnskates.com/