Tom MoyseBiggest LIES in Rollerblading
from Tom Moyse on 14 May 2023

What are some of the common lies you hear in Rollerblading? How many time have you heard someone say “Just one more go” while trying to do a trick? I’s never just one more go with rollerblading.What about, “here’s a few clips from a chill session” a classic porky pie when it comes to inline skating. Every now and little a few little lie pop out here is a list of the biggest, silly lies in rollerblading.Become a member: the Patreon MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Alright00:30 A few clips from the chill session 02:16 Just one more go03:34 Fake pictures in rollerblading magazines – Unity Magazine04:48 No one does hammers on rollerblades anymore06:02 I could do that07:29 I found the best skate spot08:29 Im going to looking after my stuff this time 09:51 I bent my knees in that trick10:32 I used to be going back in the day11:00 Im not going to buy anymore skates11:53 Im going to be on time12:09 Rollerblade sizes – I cant fit in small skates – incentive pay – fully replaceable Michael Witzemann – USD Pro Introduction – – San Francisco – Cameron Talbott – Enin – Movie Line Pro Wheel – UC Wheels – SKATES presents KODEHOUSE – WinterclashWinterclash 2023 – Parker – Me Killa – USD Skates Introduction – Rolls for the Home Grown Picture