ONEblademagBitter Cold Showdown 2023
from ONEblademag on 1 Mar 2023

Ten years may have passed since the last BCSD but the excitement raged on as an international field of bladers took to the course at Modern Skatepark for a chance to earn the title of BCSD Champ. After a long day of impressive blading and exciting tricks, Luke Naylor took the title with an incredible Finals-round showing where he leveled up in real time, linking highly technical tricks back-to-back to come out on top. Congrats to everyone that came out to Detroit for the event and each and every competitor, with special thanks to Daniel Kinney for making it happen one more time.Featuring: Luke Naylor, Julien Cudot, Joe Atkinson, Adam Bazydlo, CJ Wellsmore, Zack Savage, Antony Pottier, Jeff Dalnas, Lauric Picard, Alex Broskow, Sean Kelso, Chynna Weierstall, Montre Livingston, and more!&: @oneblademag