Tom MoyseBizarre Rollerblading Products – Amazing Packaging
from Tom Moyse on 19 Jan 2022

Merch: Spotty Dog Tee: support me continue to make rollerblading videos, from Watch Listen Consume: Rollerblading News, to Reaction Videos and Hot Takes any donation would be greatly appreciated.Follow me and support me: / inline skating was booming in the 90s. There was a healthy amount of brands, all offering a range of products. There was Inline skates, grind plates, wheels, bags, t-shirts, jeans, trainers and even boxers. We seem to have everything covered.I look into some of the more unique items and adventurous packaging used to gain attention. We talk Senate wheels and accessories, Kryptonics wheels and anti rockers, Fabiola Da Silva action figure and more.00:00 Alright – Intro00:17 Can you guess the other pro skater figure? 00:29 Senate Dave Kollasch Special K Wheels01:09 Senate Dave Kollasch Special K Blueberry Wheels02:10 Great Senate products and packaging ( Tins, Randy Spizer wheels, Senate Wrenches and more)03:10 Who is Buu Tang?03:55 More Senate products04:11 Kryptonics Wheels04:42 Voodoo Spears / Team Paradise05:00 Presents for kids?05:26 Conference Skater Cards05:53 Who is the other pro aggressive inline figure? 07:04 Whats your favourite and what do you want to see?