BLADE-IN CINEMA #3 ~ HOME GROWN ~ 22.12.15 (Robbie Pitts)

Robbie PittsBLADE-IN CINEMA #3 ~ HOME GROWN ~ 22.12.15
from Robbie Pitts on 28 Jul 2016



*** HOME GROWN ***

BLADE-IN CINEMA is back and ending the year with its third edition. This time round the emphasis will be on locally produced content. HOME GROWN will feature a variety of Melbourne-Made video features emphasising the rich history and continued passion towards filmmaking in the local community.

– The Lost Island
– Collective Sky
– MR ARO 2015 Road Trip
+ Other goodies from Melbs!

*** FREE ENTRY ***

Hosted by:
LongPlay ~ 318 St. Georges Rd. North Fitzroy VIC

LongPlay’s doors open at 6PM
Screening to commence at 7PM
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BLADE-IN CINEMA is an event series which aims to visualise the diverse artistry of rollerblading filmmaking through a curated evening of films which celebrate the past and showcase the now.
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