Blade Video Trivia Quiz (

Blade Video Trivia Quiz
from on 24 May 2017

Blading videos have formed of a huge part of our culture. Nowadays we consume a startling amount of content via various websites, social media and a constant stream of online edits but blading media was not always so plentiful. Back in the 1990s, apart from attending skate contests, VHS was the only way to track progression within the sport and see our favourite skaters in action. Magazines offered an insight into skaters by way of interviews but they didn’t allow us to see how they executed the tricks we were trying imitate on the kerbs outside our house every day after school. Each release showed the incredible rate with which the sport was developing, both in terms of trick vocabulary and style, and the ever-evolving styles adopted by our favourite skaters. How well do you know your treasured blading video collection? Well, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and test your blading grommet credentials in the process. See how many you can answer. Leave a comment with your total at the bottom and remember; we can see who answered correctly and who didn’t!

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