Blading Cup 2019: What REALLY happened | Moonshine Rollerblading Vlog (Moonshine UHMW)

Moonshine UHMWBlading Cup 2019: What REALLY happened | Moonshine Rollerblading Vlog
from Moonshine UHMW on 2 Dec 2019

If you’ve never been to a blading cup, this video is for you. There’s countless edits out there that show you the highlights of top pros and og’s but we decided to show you the lifestyle side of Blading Cup. Of course with that comes some skating but we kept it mostly to the young up and comers and bladies that have the courage to skate in front of the same large crowds as the pro event but rarely get as much recognition.

This year we partnered with our friends at TooEasy on a booth space and it’s safe to say we were the loudest most hyped group in Santa Ana. Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth and said hello or bought a set of antis or apparel!

Congratulations to all the participants and winners! It’s very apparent that we’ve got a strong and finally once again growing community of rollerbladers. We can’t wait until next year. Thank you to the city of Santa Ana, Jon Julio, and the team for giving rollerblading a platform to be displayed in the public eye.

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