Blading Cup Quick Cut

ONE magazineBlading Cup Quick Cut
from ONE magazine on 4 Nov 2013

Blading Cup! The best bladers from around the way came out to skate Julio’s comp. A thoughtful course design led to progressive blading and exciting moments of “Da Fuh?!” for all involved. With so much to see we went the “less is more” route and chopped the day into two minutes. Featuring in order of appearance: Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Richie Eisler, Winston Wardwell, Dean Coward, John Bolino, Howie Bennet, Mike Obedoza, Soichiro Kanashima, Dre Powell, Russell Day, Demetrios George, Monte Livingston, Kruise Sapstein, Becci Sotelo, Michael Froemling, Jeff Stockwell, Tim Franken, Victor Arias, and David Sizemore.

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