BLADING | Dennis Lopez (sdotCortes)

sdotCortesBLADING | Dennis Lopez
from sdotCortes on 31 Mar 2018

One Day edit. 2 spots.

1st spot | curved ledges in Anaheim
killed that ledge even with oncoming traffic.

2nd spot Buena Park
line em up and shut it down with the AO Unity on a (reputtied) gritty ass ledge.


I only get to live vicariously through the younger generation of bladers. Sadly, because i simply cant do half or even all of the tricks that i used to do. So i film the homies when I’m not working or taking care of the fam and gf.

A lot of passion gets put into every single edit i film and make. I dont half ass any of it. I absolutely love this shit.and I want to make a career of it. And i know i have some potential or i wouldnt get paid to do it.
Niggas work with me not against me. cause ill support all of you when you get at me… seriously.
When the fuck have i ever said no?!

(clips from a project i was supposed to be working on with Dennis until he decided that he wanted his clips. Wait, demanded that he wanted his clips. Enjoy. Project aborted.)

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