Blading NL xmasjam 2016 lasttricks (erik droogh)

erik drooghBlading NL xmasjam 2016 lasttricks
from erik droogh on 19 Dec 2016

On 10 December 2016 the yearly X-Mas Jam took place in Hamburg.
Every year the dutchies are traveling toward I-Punkt Skateland to compete and enjoy a good weekend at the X-Mas Jam together with all other Bladers!

Here some of the Best Last Tricks captured!

This year the dutchies went home with some gold silver and bronze:
3x 1st plce
1x 2nd place
2x 3rd place

Congratulations to all Winnars!
1: Randy Zoller
3: Stefan Selders
5: Rodney van der Burg
6: Poema Kitseroo
7: Thijs Bruijgoms

1: Jaro Frijn
2: Bob Scheer
3: Thom Harde-Man

1: Jelle Briggeman
5: Sem Croft
6: Erik Droogh

Also Ft. Jacob Juul – Eugen Enin – Jo Zenk

X-Mas Jam 2016 – Deutsche Meisterschaft Inline
Blading Nederland
Blading Deutschland
Dutch Blade Events

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