RollerbladeBlank in San Francisco
from Rollerblade on 1 May 2023 Blank Team is a group of creative humans who enjoy rolling on boots. In this edit Tom Hyser, the founder of Blank and marketing manager at Rollerblade, explains what the brand is all about. The world is a blank canvas for skating. Blank pro riders, Cameron Talbott, Sean Keane, and Tony Woodland skate the streets of San Francisco together with cameos by Nolan Jun, Vairo Czar, and Stephen Babcock. Also featured, photographer Erick Garcia. Each of these skaters bring their own unique flavor to the Blank by Rollerblade brand. Riders not featured: Sven Boekhorst, Javi Garrido, Ariel Surun, Maxime Genoud, and Andy KruseShot and edited by Taylor Kobryn