Blank SK Montana Team Trip (

Blank SK Montana Team Trip
from on 24 Sep 2021

Rollerblade have officially announced the Blank SK (Blank Sean Keane pro skate) by showing the team putting them to work at various concrete skateparks in Montana. There is some great footage from Cameron Talbott, Sean Keane and a few others, but Tony Woodland really made an impression on this one…although he still can’t find his T-shirt.  This better not mean we are not getting a Sean Keane pro skate promo video. I repeat, this BETTER not mean we are not getting a Sean Keane pro skate promo. I am all for inclusivity and making the whole team feel welcome and part of the process, but I want some solo Sean Keane action and everyone else needs to step the fuck back. I am going to go ahead and assume this video was filmed and edited by Taylor Kobryn, aka the slightly less stoned presenter of Wax Toaster. Watch more Rollerblade videos HERE. Watch more Sean Keane videos HERE.

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