Bogarting Hossloch Skatehalle//Germany//Winter 2016 (Tyriek Gibson)

Tyriek GibsonBogarting Hossloch Skatehalle//Germany//Winter 2016
from Tyriek Gibson on 25 Jan 2016

Bogarting the park with Thomas Stracciatello and Pat Ridder at Hossloch indoor skatepark. This park has been up and running for 20 years and its fun as shit to skate. Its a little dark and i was trying to figure out the settings for this camera with this lens in low light conditions. I figured out after i finished that i had to increase the gain to about 12db (gets grainy at that level). Shooting this it was at about 6db and f5.2. f1.6-5 really screws it up with my new fisheye.

Edited by Tyriek Gibson, Camera XF300
Skaters Thomas Stracciatello and Pat Ridder
Location Hossloch Germany
1st DJ Roc – I Can’t Control The Feeling
2nd DJ Rashad – Ghetto Tekz Runnin It
3rd DJ DIAMOND – Rep Yo Clique (Remix) – Flight Muzik

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