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Austin Bartelsbox
from Austin Bartels on 17 Nov 2013

This past weekend the TSS Fnals were held here in the great city of Austin, TX. Alot of my footage from the weekend has glitched sadly, but I am in the process of fixing that…hopefully. However, a handful of clips from Friday night (11/15/2013) at box session and some footage from a little get together at Medina’s place. Enjoy.

Cody Sanders
Tim Logan
Raven Roley
Colin Mears
Austin Goode
Ryan Stevens
William Issac
Eric Balle
Troy Maimone
Josh Castillo
Ross Puryear
Mason Richard
Keaton Newsom
Zachary Edick
Dan Dickerson
Jarrod Banning
Anthony Medina
Andrew Broom
Timona Kasue
Josh “JFerg Kila” Ferguson
TK’s girlfriend

Welcome to The Gentlemen’s Blading Club…

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