Bill Stoppard Skating BSSBrighton UK, Rollerblading a SUPER Long Downhill!!
from Bill Stoppard Skating BSS on 16 Jul 2022

A few narrated shots from my 2 week Brighton skating Experience. I have hours of street and seaside footage, to go through. The Brighton Skate scene was magical. More coming soon. My GTB skates are from ProSkaters Place PSP caries a huge variety of skates, skis and electric scooters. This is THE place for all the best inline skates, rollerskates and skis (downhill and cross country) SKATERSEmily solid fast bearings are Sonic Speed 608 Bearings My amazing camera is the Insta 360 ONEX2 Link is HERE LOOKS AT BSS STREET SKATING SESSIONS AT instagram Get the Stay Low T-shirt here. FOLDABLE ELECTRIC TRANSPORT, (skateboards, scooters and surf boards) When rollerblading, pad it out when in doubt!