Bryan Keane – Foot Drag (

Bryan Keane – Foot Drag
from on 24 Apr 2018

Wheel Scene proudly presents Bryan Keane aka Foot Drag, a nickname he has recently acquired for a certain quirk in his landings. Bryan is obsessed with early 2000 era blading, is potentially Chaz Sands’ biggest fan and don’t get the guy started on anything regarding toe rolls or micro blading unless want to be ranted at incessantly. Bryan and I disagree on most things blade-related but he is highly entertaining to be around and his enthusiasm for blading is limitless. Plus, he is probably singlehandedly keeping Trigger in business with all the sets he has bought over recent years. Oh, and he literally got up after smacking his face off the ground and laced that kind grind next attempt…even though the landing was a little sketchy.

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