Budweiser Bow Tie Effect (Mike Torres)

Mike TorresBudweiser Bow Tie Effect
from Mike Torres on 14 Jan 2016

This piece was created in 2013 as a response to a private crowd sourcing assignment on poptent.com.

When I first started at Erwin Penland, the department that I worked for (and still currently work for) was just getting off the ground. In order to develop ourselves, our abilities, and our portfolio, we took on a handful of assignments on Pop Tent, and we ended up winning most of them (seriously).

While were concepting this spot, we had seen a couple examples of this ‘3D freeze frame’ effect used in music videos, and movies. The client was asking us to appeal to the ‘young professional twenty something crowd who might look forward to partying on the weekends with friends’. We thought it would be cool if we could freeze one single moment, and use this effect to showcase this very idea, while showing off Budweiser’s bow tie shaped can.

This ended up being a super heavy VFX collaboration with David Dodge, who absolutely crushed it on this assignment.

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