Cali to Canada (Chris Pullar)

Chris PullarCali to Canada
from Chris Pullar on 26 Nov 2018

In February 2018 I took my snowboard and skates with me on a trip with a mate to California, USA and various spots in Canada for 3 action packed weeks, and I shot and edited this on my phone to the tune of Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious. Includes cool things like
– Flying all over LA in our friends aeroplane out of Compton Airport
– Watching the Warriors during their championship season
– Riding powder at Mammoth
– Seeing Niagra Falls
– Watching NHL in Canada
– Experiencing the kamikaze drive from Montreal to Toronto in the snow
– Whistler
– Meeting Leon Basin at Shop Task in Vancouver
– Hitting tricks at Sun Peaks snow resort
– Rolling Kamloops Rotary Skatepark with the Mushroom Blading dudes
– Visiting my homie Robbie Pitts in LA

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