Capital Rollas – Welcome to the Team Billy Murton (

Capital Rollas – Welcome to the Team Billy Murton
from on 6 Aug 2021

Capital Rollas have a new recruit in the form of Billy Murton and he put in some hard graft for his introduction section. The UK blading institution was originally a London-based crew and only skaters from the capital city were members, but in recent years it’s morphed into an organisation that hosts events and releases a variety of products. Billy has put out a lot of footage over the last 12 months, including a VOD section, and he recently won the MK Street Jam in Milton Keynes, and it looks like he’s just going from strength to strength. There is a nice variety of tricks on display and the man loves a transfer…and he stomps them all with amazing control. Watch more Billy Murton videos HERE. 

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