Capital Trash vol 1. (capital rollas)

capital rollasCapital Trash vol 1.
from capital rollas on 27 Sep 2019

On august 31st we put on our 3rd D.I.Y Jam our first 2 was on the mean streets of south ldn this time we though we would save people the mission across ldn and take it central to hackney wick Trash park. We spent a few late nights and a lot of blood a sweat into making the trash park a bit more rollerblader friendly by building a few more boxes cementing the floors and generally giving the place a massive clean! i have to say a massive thank you to everybody that helped get it all set up. and for helping on the day the Capital Rollas family can not thank all the sponsor’s and all people that turned up to make the event what it is without you guy’s we are nothing! we hope the people that did not make it enjoy the show the guy’s put on..!

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